Social Media advertising platforms have become the single most powerful marketing tool the world has even seen.

The real-time analytics incorporated within these platforms allows companies to test and refine their audience, message and imagery to maximise their conversion rate and minimise their cost per lead.

And, by incorporating the targeting and analytical functionality of social media with artificial intelligence and marketing automation programmes companies can create truly integrated lead generation and nurturing campaigns.

the lead generation factory loop & learn


The power of social media advertising is its real time analytics, providing detailed information on ad performance against different target audiences.

Using this analysis we constantly monitor and refine the target audience profile and advertising content to maximise the response rate and minimise the cost per contact.

the lead generation factory integrated campaigns


Lead generation is not just about creating a digital sales funnel. We create an integrated lead generation process where we incorporate Live Chat, IP Tracking, Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Automation functionality to create a multi-faceted sales generating engine.

the lead generation factory b2b and b2c

B2B & B2C

With so many different social media platforms, one size does not fit all. We work across all platforms to determine which will generate the best results for each client. So whether you are a B2C or B2B company we can create a campaign that maximises both your response rates and your ROI.

the lead generation factory Google Analytics

Pilot campaigns

We always recommend to our clients that they run an initial pilot campaign so that we can go through the Loop & Learn process to identify the ideal customer profile and the most effective advertising treatments.

Once the pilot campaign is complete and all possible variables have been optimised, the campaign can be scaled up knowing that a significant increase in revenue is virtually guaranteed.

We recognise that when a client wins we both win, which is why we offer either a discounted rate for the creation of a pilot campaign or a Payment by Results agreement so that our clients can minimise their risk whilst the campaign is being fine-tuned.

The Lead Generation Factory

The Lead Generation Factory is a strategic marketing consultancy that exploits the power of social media advertising to create integrated lead generation and nurturing programmes.

We are not a traditional digital agency. We do not design websites or provide SEO services. We are 100% dedicated to the creation and nurturing of revenue generating sales opportunities.

We are a marketing led consultancy and based on our extensive agency and client-side experience we recognise that social media is the most effective tool to deliver the most compelling message to the most receptive audience.

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